Also now available for your reading pleasure, this time as a perfect-bound 80-page paperback, the 10th anniversary issue of Boy Trouble, the gayboy comics anthology I started in 1994 and currently co-edit with its lovely and talented publisher, David Kelly (of “Steven’s Comics” fame). There is a nice buzz over this best-yet edition, including its mention in The Advocate’s “Recommended Summer Reading List of 2004″. Contributors include David Kelly, Tony Arena, Craig Bostick, Cathy Camper, Jennifer Camper, C. Bard Cole, Michael Fahy, Leanne Franson, Andy Hartzell, GB Jones, Steve MacIsaac, Ivan Velez, Jr., and me, of course.

Boy Trouble Cover

David Kelly Studio

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“This collection of comics captures with grace and humor-and frequently profound insight-the joys, pressures, and contradictions of being gay in America. I loved this shit, from beginning to end.”
-Dan Savage
“Savage Love”