The New Gay: Making the Old Gay much, much better

There’s this Website straight outta Washington DC that I should tell you about called The New Gay (”for everyone over the rainbow”).  They describe themselves as free-thinking, curious and opinionated, and they really are.  This site beautifully represents the new millennium updating of the DIY alternative ethos: it’s apparent that these boys and girls, weary of the sometimes stiflingly conformist and unimaginative gay monoculture that surrounds us all, decided to kick out their jams online (15 years ago or so ago TGN  would have probably been a zine) in an effort to, among other things, connect with like-minded individuals who are not willing to sacrifice their individuality to the traditional rainbows-and-house-music scene.  They do so in a way that is not overcome with bitterness and rage, like so much of the alterna-culture that has come before them; instead they present their alternative viewpoints as just that: alternative viewpoints – take ‘em or leave ‘em, or at least Discuss  with them if you’ve a mind to.  I’ve already bookmarked the site as a daily read.   Zack , one of the smart minds behind the site, likes me and my book (so naturally I think he’s even smarter now) and asked me to let them run “Curbside ” on TNG.   Naturally I said yes and it just debuted.  So check out The New Gay  and remember: out with The Old, in with The New.

It’s done

I did it – I sent that book, that Book of Boy Trouble Volume 2, that project that ate up many months of time and energy and maybe even just a bit of my sanity in the last several weeks (buy me a drink and I’ll tell you all about it sometime) – it’s gone from my life for the time being, until the pre-publishing work commences.  In the meantime, the publisher has it now.  I’m done.  Done.  It’s over.  Hooray!  John took me out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate, and celebrate we did.

I’m kind of tired now.

So, what to do with myself?  Maybe I better spend some time with people again, for starters.  There’s always stuff to do around the house too.  Plus I haven’t drawn a comic strip in like 3 months (took a hiatus from “Curbside”).   I have a bunch of stuff to sell online too – would like to make a serious dent in these cds I don’t want anymore (anyone want some New Wave Hits of the 80s?  Cheap?  have a few volumes left – in great condition!)   So I guess I’ll get cracking on all that.  It is really good to be done with the book.  There have been times in my life when I have felt an undertow after finishing a project, a sense of aimlessness, a pervading sense of “is that all there is?”   This, I can safely say, is not one of those times.   I’m damn happy – I really feel a real sense of accomplishment – and that I did a fine job besides. It’s going to be a good book, with some really great artists – some of whom we see far too little of – featured.  That’s all there is to it.