A Look Back at Curbside Boys

Comic Book Resources, a general interest site pertaining to you-know-what, has a current running feature by one Brian Cronin called A Month of Good LGBT Comics, wherein he does a little write up on a gay-oriented comic book he likes each day. My book Curbside Boys (Cleis Press, 2002) was his third entry, a nice surprise. I thought the review was spot-on too: I will always feel one of my main strengths is characterization and a weakness is my “loquaciousness” (as Cronin so aptly put it). I had so much to say with the strips in that particular book that I often neglected to edit myself down, so some of the episodes lack a visual dynamism, due to the dominance of text. This is a weakness that I’m still not sure I have completely overcome yet. Still, I remain proud of that book – although it’s not autobiographical per se, it’s straight from my heart and guts, and much of my personal life experience and feelings went into it, particularly on the twentysomething love and sex front (oh, the memories…) Anyway, I’m pleased that Curbside Boys “made the list,” and I’m looking forward to seeing what other titles will be featured in the days and weeks ahead……